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You may wonder if it’s worth using a recruitment agency to hire your next talent, here’s a few reasons why it’s always a wise idea.


Specialise in finding the right candidate
It’s what we do!  The whole purpose of a recruitment agent’s job is to make sure candidates are matched seamlessly with the correct role.  Using a range of techniques, vetting and information gathering, there is no one more suited to helping an organisation find their next big star.  And just like your organisation is the best at what you do, this is what we do and we’d like to think we’re pretty good at it!

Access to events and databases
Recruitment agents have access to databases and recruitment events that company’s don’t ordinarily have.  This gives us a bigger pool of talent to select from and put in front of you.  In addition to this, people who are actively looking to make their next career move are more likely to register with a recruitment agent.  That way, we can provide the best quality individuals who are ready to join you.

Offer support and advice
Not only do we keep in touch with the candidate after they have been placed, we can also offer support to the hiring company.  Our local knowledge of the market is a great tool at your disposal – we can give advise on anything and everything recruitment related from salary benchmarks to wording the perfect job spec.

Save time
The saying “time is money” couldn’t be more true in business, especially when it comes to the recruitment process.  Everything from making sure candidates have full prior knowledge of the role, vetting and screening individuals to creating the perfect shortlist to put in front of the interviewers takes a great deal of time which could be better spent running your organisation.  Leave it to the professionals and you’ll soon see the value in outsourcing this essential task.

Limited resources
For some start-ups, small and even medium sized companies it can be an exciting time when your growing business means recruiting new talent.  In the event that you suddenly find you don’t have the resources to find and hire the best candidates, it’s always best to delegate the task to a reliable recruitment agent.  This not only allows energies to be focused on all important company growth but also maintains a professional appearance and keeps the whole process as effective and efficient as possible.