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Feeling overwhelmed at work is something that a lot of us have experienced at one point or another but if this is something you’re experiencing right now, it may be time to try out some of Owl’s top tips below.


Don’t suffer in silence
A good manager should always be approachable to their team members and hopefully you’ll be in a position where you can speak to your senior.  If this isn’t the case, try and mention your concerns to a HR member of staff who may be able to give you some advice confidentially.  Either way, talking is key if the workplace stress is getting to an unmanageable point and it’s your company’s duty to work with you on this.

Take breaks
It’s all too easy to let a busy work day result in eating lunch at your desk – or worse still, not eating at all but there’s a problem to be addressed when this happens on a weekly or even monthly basis.  Not only does food fuel your brain and allow you to return to work with better brain power but coming at your task list after lunch could provide you with new ideas.  This means, you may decide to rearrange your priorities or give you a new view point when going back to an all-consuming task.

Say no
In the workplace sometimes it’s very easy to say yes to people and work, instead of risking upsetting them – but to the detriment of yourself.  The next time this happens, ask yourself, “who is asking you to do this work, is this part of my role and will it affect the way I carry out my own tasks” before you accept anything additional.  And remember, it’s ok to say no in the right circumstances in order to work as effectively as possible.

Write a list
If you’re like us there’s nothing better than going back to basics and writing out a good old fashioned list.  This way you can identify the biggest and most time consuming tasks and prioritise in order of importance.  There’s also nothing better than getting to the end of the day and seeing items that have been crossed off!  Our brains are wired to prioritise immediate satisfaction over longer-term rewards .  Because of this we’d recommend taking on the biggest and most time-consuming task first thing on a Monday morning, that way, your week only gets lighter in terms of workload.

Work/life balance
Are you becoming all consumed with work and not allowing for any me-time?  We’re all becoming more aware of the benefits of mental wellness, mindfulness and self awareness and for good reason.  Think of something you’d love to do or try for the first time and make a point of booking it in your diary after work.  That way, you’re forced to leave on time and also give yourself a chance to focus on you!

Identify the trigger
Ultimately work place stress can be triggered by a variety of issues.  Give this some deep thought and identify what this is for you.  It could be that the organisation’s culture just isn’t quite what you’d hoped, the workload is excessive or you struggle to communicate effectively with your boss.  Once you’ve identified your sticking point, make a plan and look at all the avenues to see if you can work towards a resolution and ease the burden.  If you’ve tried every option and are still feeling overwhelmed, it may be time to move to a new opportunity where your skill set will be appreciated and enhanced.